Your Techie Sidekick To Find Hidden Talent

EachHire is your very own hiring sidekick, equipped with AI and technology, and armed with the expertise to navigate the digital realm in search of exceptional individuals.

Your Techie Sidekick To Find Hidden Talent

Have you ever hoped to possess the abilities of superheroes who always manage to find anyone or any information they want to find? Well, they have a secret weapon—an incredible sidekick with extraordinary tech skills to efficiently discover the right information or match of people online.

The recruiting world is getting closer to this now where anyone can have their very own superhero techie sidekick in the world of hiring.  AI, technology, and automation is the answer to efficient hiring.

EachHIre's Hiring Sidekick for Superheroes

Now, imagine acquiring the power to not only discover hidden talent but also automatically engage the talent to apply to your roles, and seamlessly building your dream team.

EachHire - Your Hiring Sidekick

EachHire is your very own hiring sidekick, equipped with AI and technology, and armed with the expertise to navigate the digital realm in search of exceptional individuals through publicly available information channels. With EachHire as your sidekick, you can take your hiring process to new heights by accessing to a talent network that spans the globe, with billions of potential candidates at your fingertips as in this digital era, the internet is the only limitation. EachHire's network, powered by AI and automation, is meticulously crafted to connect you with highly qualified talent interested in your roles.

Step 1: Load your JD in

To unlock EachHire's powers, simply provide your job description (JD) with the skills, responsibilities, and qualifications you seek in an ideal candidate. EachHire's AI algorithms will analyze your requirements.

EachHire AI JD Analysis

Step 2: Define your ideal candidate (2-5 minutes)

With EachHire as your guide, you'll define the characteristics of your ideal candidate. EachHire's AI-powered search capabilities enable understand your hiring requirements well. This includes the seniority of the positon, the skills required, the salary budget for this position, no. of headhunt you're looking to hire, work arrangements be it in-office or remote, any geographical limitations, your must-have non-negotiable selection criteria, your good-to-have hiring criteria, what is your language preference if any, and more.

EachHire AI JD analysis
EachHire AI JD analysis

Step 3: We search the candidates for you

EachHire leaps into action, utilizing AI and automation to scour the digital landscape. It searches through numerous platforms and channels available publicly online. Be it a talent who was mentioned by a fellow colleague, who has been invited to speak at the conference, who has been an instructor for a workshop, who excelled well in the project or research papers, published a popular article on LinkedIn, collaborated in a project on Github, or being a perfect match on Linkedin, commented on an article on Quora, as long as they have presence online, we would search through different search campaigns launched 2-3 times per week on an on-going basis to discover these exceptional individuals who align with your specific criteria, reach out to them and send them to your open roles. EachHire's tireless efforts ensure that no talent goes unnoticed.

EachHire AI analysis and search network
EachHire search campaign candidate selection

Step 4: We engage the candidates and get them to apply to your position

Once our powerful network identifies the candidates who align with your requirements, we engage directly with these individuals, sparking their interest in your organization and the exciting opportunities you have to offer. Through personalized communication and compelling messaging, we encourage them to apply to your positions, igniting their enthusiasm to become part of your team.

We highlight the compelling aspects of your company culture, the projects they could be involved in, and the growth opportunities they could enjoy by joining your team. Our goal is to paint a strong picture that captures their attention, leaving them eager to explore the possibilities that await them with your organization.

Interested candidates will be directed to complete an engaging form to officially apply into the position.

EachHire Job Application Form Sample

Step 5: Screen qualified and ready-to-interview candidates

You gain access to a curated selection of candidates who best match your requirements. Our intelligent algorithms and expert insights empower you to make informed decisions, saving you time and effort in the hiring process. We ensure that only highly qualified and best suited candidates are sent to you. Today, 80% of the candidates we sent are shortlisted for an interview. The candidates' contact information will directly be shared in the profile shared with you.

EachHire candidate tracking page
EachHire candidate profile sample
EachHire candidate profile sample

Breaking Barriers with AI and Automation:
With EachHire, geographical barriers become a thing of the past. Its AI-powered talent network allows you to effortlessly navigate through a broad spectrum of candidates, unlocking a world of possibilities. The right fit for your organization could be just a few clicks away, thanks to the efficiency and automation offered by EachHire.

Discovering the Extraordinary with AI Expertise:
EachHire's AI expertise ensures that you find the perfect candidate for your organization. The AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of data, enabling you to discover exceptional talents that possess the precise qualities and qualifications you're seeking. With EachHire's AI-powered insights, you can make informed decisions and find the best talent, regardless of where they reside.