From Search to Success: How EachHire placed a L&E Attorney in a Leading Regional Firm in 4 weeks

From Search to Success: How EachHire placed a L&E Attorney in a Leading Regional Firm in 4 weeks

The legal industry is fiercely competitive, and a firm's success depends on its ability to recruit and retain top talent.

This case study details EachHire's successful placement of a highly sought-after Labor & Employment Law attorney into a top regional firm, highlighting the effectiveness of our approach to legal recruitment.

Understanding the Client's Needs

Our client was prestigious regional firm in the Midwest, serving a distinguished clientele of individuals, businesses, and government entities in the region for over a century.

The client sought a senior-level Labor & Employment Law attorney for their office in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Specifically, they wanted an attorney that met the following criteria:

By thoroughly understanding their requirements, we were able to tailor our approach to get them the ideal candidate.

Hiring timeline

Finding qualified candidates can often be a lengthy process that takes weeks or even months.

With EachHire, the process is much faster. In just one week, we were able to identify, engage and present a well-matched candidate that went on to get hired.

How is EachHire optimized for Top Firms hiring?

 1. AI-powered Talent Search and Engagement

Using our Talent Search Engine, EachHire identified attorneys working at peer firms or in comparable positions. The AI and GPT-powered tool searched the web for top candidates that matched the search criteria.

The technology goes beyond simple keyword searches, factoring in location, bar admittance, practice area, years of experience, and other relevant criteria based on the client's requirements.

 2. Headhunting for Passive Candidates:

EachHire recognizes the value of "passive candidates" – top performers who are content in their current roles but might be swayed by an opportunity that is a better fit for their career aspirations/personal preferences.

This ensures the client has access to a wider range of highly qualified candidates, potentially leading to a better fit.

After all, our objective is to find the best person for the position, not just the best applicant.

By reaching out to these individuals, EachHire expanded the talent pool for the position.

 3. Tailored Engagement and Evaluation

EachHire conducted one-on-one discussions with each shortlisted attorney to understand them and their career goals better.

This process allows us to refine the candidate pool further, ensuring an ideal fit for both the individual and the client's specific needs.

Additionally, we maintained continuous communication with the client to refine our search and meet their expectations better.


In a little under 4 weeks, EachHire successfully headhunted and placed a highly experienced Employment Law attorney with over 10 years of expertise in a top regional firm.

The attorney, perfectly aligned with the client's requirements, accepted the offer and easily transitioned into their new role.

Using technology, strategic candidate sourcing, and personalized engagement, we were able to meet all parties' objectives and deliver results.

This case study is an example of the effectiveness of EachHire's recruitment approach.

By building on traditional recruitment methods and leveraging technology, EachHire empowers law firms to attract and secure top legal talent.