Beating the Odds: How EachHire Leveraged AI to Successfully Recruit a Partner-Attorney for a US AM Law 200 Firm

The successful placement and hiring of a partner-attorney for a US AM Law 200 Firm by EachHire, against the initial doubts of AI-powered talent search engine’s applicability in high-level legal recruitment.

Beating the Odds: How EachHire Leveraged AI to Successfully Recruit a Partner-Attorney for a US AM Law 200 Firm
Case Study: Hiring Partner-Attorney for US AM LAW 200 Firm

In the realm of legal recruitment, particularly for high-stake roles such as a Partner-Attorney, skepticism often surrounds the effectiveness of modern methods like AI-driven recruitment. Faced with the daunting task of recruiting a partner-attorney for a prestigious AM Law 200 firm, EachHire was not only tasked with finding a high performing candidate but also with proving the efficacy of AI in a field where traditional methods are the norm. This case study demonstrates how innovative technology can be a game-changer in sourcing top-tier legal talent.

Hiring Needs: Partner Attorney for a US Law Firm

  • Client: An esteemed AM Law 200 law firm, encompassing 20 offices across the United States.
  • Need: A Partner-Attorney equipped with a notable track record of portable billing and specific experience from select, well-regarded firms.


  • Targeting Established Partners: The firm's requirement for a Partner-Attorney presented a unique challenge, as the target candidates were already partners in their current roles. Convincing established partners to consider a move is a delicate process, given their deep commitments and stakes in their existing firms.
  • Seeking Top-Tier Legal Expertise: The firm sought a candidate with substantial experience in a large, high-performing legal environment. These individuals are often well-settled in their careers, making the prospect of leaving their current positions for a new opportunity particularly challenging. Our approach needed to respect this dynamic while presenting a compelling case for change.
  • Navigating a Narrow Talent Pool: The specific requirement for experience from a select list of large firms greatly narrowed the scope of potential candidates. This limitation demanded a focused, precision-driven search strategy to identify and engage with the right talent.

Solution: Extensive search and engagement process through AI-talent search engine

Talent Search and Engagement Process:

  1. Identification of Candidates:

    Using AI-powered Talent Search Engine, EachHire identified attorneys working at the specified law firms. This approach was focused on finding candidates currently working in those firms or previously working in those firms, analyzing their profiles against the client’s requirements.

    AI Profile Analysis: The search engine then parses through their publicly available data, uses machine learning in just seconds to identify patterns and potential candidate matches, and predicts candidate suitability based on historical data and performance metrics. We also checked the talents' practice areas, seniority, years of experience, and bar registration, ensuring a precise match to the client's needs.

    Additionally, the process involved identifying top talent who are best matched with notable achievements within their firms.

    Total candidates matched during our first search: 329 candidates
    Total top talent l (best matched)  identified: 52 candidates
  2. Engagement and Evaluation:

    EachHire engaged with 69 candidates, done manually one-by-one, we discussed their career aspirations and evaluating their suitability for the role. This step was essential in understanding the candidates beyond their professional achievements, and if they think joining another firm would benefit their next steps and growth.

    For the top talent identified, EachHire implemented a multi-channel engagement strategy, designed to foster responses and deeper engagement with these high-potential candidates. This approach ensured that the most promising prospects were thoroughly engaged and considered for the opportunity.

    Total conversations during our first search: 69
  3. Selective Shortlisting:

    All aspects of the hiring requirements are considered, ensuring both the candidates' expectations and clients' expectations are of a good match before a profile is submitted to the hiring firm along with their match criteria.

    Total candidates shortlisted: 7
  4. Feedback Loops

    Continuous communication with the client ensured alignment of expectations and a refined search process of our additional searches.

    These subsequent searches were aimed at expanding the candidate pool beyond the initial 7 shortlisted individuals, ensuring a broader selection of qualified candidates and providing the client with a more comprehensive array of options for the Partner-Attorney role.

Results: Successful placement of Partner-Attorney for US AM Law 200 Firm

The search resulted in the successful placement of a high-performing partner-attorney, who is also an existing firm owner with a significant portable billing. This candidate was offered the position at the firm and has accepted the offer.

Client Ratings for EachHire


The successful placement of a high-performing partner-attorney by EachHire, against the initial doubts of AI powered talent search engine’s applicability in high-level legal recruitment.

This case study exemplifies how EachHire, armed with AI-driven solutions, not only navigated through a challenging talent landscape but also shattered preconceived notions about the role of technology in sourcing elite legal professionals, showcasing that when technology is integrated with traditional expertise, even the most doubtful and challenging recruitment scenarios can yield exceptional results.